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Day 5 - en route to the Grand Canyon!

Bye bye Joshua Tree! Your were way too short, and way too sweet! I can't wait to come back here one day and experience this with Johnathan, it was so so beautiful!

Today was going to be a very long day. Today we were going to make the long drive from Joshua Tree (California) to The Grand Canyon (Arizona)! We calculated that the drive would take about 5-6 hours, but knew that we wanted to stop along the road to shoot some cool "Route 66" photo's, so we made sure to leave early in the morning (again) and were on the road from 7am till about 7pm, when we finally arrived at the Grand Canyon.

Oh and also, when you hear stories about not seeing anything for hours while driving on Route 66 - its true. We probably drove for 3 hours before seeing another car, another gas station, anything! We made sure to tank our jeep every time we came across a gas station and always immediately stocked up on some amazing gas station food as well. I think that for the next 3 days of this trip we all survived on gas station food. You can only eat so many protein bars, apples, bananas and nasty sandwiches before going absolutely crazy 🤪

After coming across some funky old gas stations (which I'm sure are part of the infamous Route 66 stops) we finally arrived right after sunset at our hotel for the coming 2 nights - The Grand Canyon Inn.

This hotel, is the most country-cowboy-inspired hotel I think there is. There were actual cowboys sitting in the restaurant (im talking cowboy hats, boots, the full outfit) and hunters in camouflage outfits coming through the doors. This place had a totally different vibe from any of the places we had been earlier on this trip, and it was so much fun! We took some funny photos around the hotel, since Lisa's hoodie matched the interior perfectly, hahaha (can you even spot her in the picture above?!).

Oh and before I forget to mention this- the temperature at the Grand Canyon at night (when we arrived) was like -10°C (14°F). None of us were prepared for weather like this, we had no idea that it was going to be this cold here! All we had in our suitcases were super cute summer outfits (because we were on a road trip starting in LA, duh!) but thank god we had some winter items to shoot, so that's what all three of us wore during the trip to keep warm, hahaha!

Day 6 - the Grand Canyon

Visiting the Grand Canyon is something that was on all three of our bucket lists!!! We were so pumped and hyped to get out of bed that morning, we couldn't wait to drive to the actual Grand Canyon!! We stopped at the visitor center and asked them what would be the best route to take. The recommended us to stop at many of the look-out points, but also do one of the hike routes if we had time left over!

We decided to do one of the hike routes first, we thought that this would eventually bring us to an awesome "private" look-out point, but we probably walked for about 45 minutes without getting anywhere- and also saw some scary big animals (it was an elk) from a distance!! So after that we decided to head back to the car and drive to the look-out points.

After reaching one of the last look-out points, it was so so beautiful and breathtaking to see! You could almost feel the energy there, you could feel how big the Canyon was. It's hard to realise that every time you pull up to one of the look-out points, you're only seeing maybe 5% of the entire canyon, its crazy how big it is!

In the next picture you'll see a ledge where you can overlook the view. The picture I took really doesn't do it justice, but it was such a scary ledge to stand on!! I faced my fears (and dangers) and got on the ledge with Daphne and Lisa. It was such a thrilling experience to stand there and even just hang your legs over the egde, it filled all three of us with adrenaline and filled me especially with so much love. This world is so beautiful. I am so grateful to be able to go on trips like this and see this with my own eyes. So so so grateful, and so happy.

During sunset, it started to get very very cold again so we decided to start heading back to the hotel and order some PIZZA!

Opposite our hotel there was a funky Flinstones-themed hotel/theme park/rv-parking thing?! It looked to funny and almost ghostly, there was no one there! But we had to take a picture with the sign of course 🤪

We indulged in a giant pizza, since we were already nearing the end of our trip! Its crazy to think how fast this trip went by, but the next morning we packed our stuff and drove to our last destination - Las Vegas baby!

Day 7 - Las Vegas

On our drive from The Grand Canyon to Las Vegas, we stopped by some very funky Route 66 attractions! Apparently this is the exact spot where the movie "Cars" was inspired by! Check out the funky eyes on the cars on the last picture, looks similar huh?

Once we got to Vegas at the end of the afternoon, we kind of saw this as our little break on the trip and just decided to walk around the strip that night! We had some nachos at a random restaurant, then walked through a mall, saw all the big sights along the strip, walked through a casino, had a giant slice of carrotcake in the casino, played a few games and then headed back to our hotel. All in all, I would recommend Las Vegas, but only for a day (i'm happy that I've been, and that I've seen it all, but wouldn't necessarily go back). Unless you're into partying and clubs, then this is totally the place to be. It kind of felt like one big theme park.

Day 8 - Back to Venice

Before leaving Vegas, we had one more spot on our list ; the famous Las Vegas sign.

Looks cool right?! Well actually..This was my biggest Instagram vs. Reality moment ever 😭😂

Anyways, onto the last piece of our road trip! One of our stops during the road back to Venice, was the Seven Magic Mountains. This is probably something you've seen pass by on Instagram, but its basically a giant art piece in the middle of nowhere! Was pretty cool to see.

Got some ihop to refuel!

And after nightfall (and standing in a LA traffic jam) we finally arrived back in Venice. It actually felt like coming home. Venice is where we started this whole roadtrip, and to come back here after experiencing the whole trip just felt magical. We were all a little sad, knowing that that was going to be our last night, and that this trip really flew by. But it was so so magical. So we decided to celebrate by having one last dinner at Uovo! It was soooo delicious, I would recommend any pasta lover to go there!

Biggest thank you to Daphne and Lisa for putting this whole trip together, and for letting me be a part of this magical experience!! It was so beautiful, and I definitely got to tick many things off of my bucket list during this one week. Forever grateful for people, experiences and trips like this.

When I moved to Amsterdam two years ago I would've never dared to dream of something like this coming on my path. Life is mysterious and beautiful in many ways. Take everything with open arms and don't forget that you are in charge of chasing your own dreams, no one else will help you achieve your dream life except you!

Thank you all for the constant support, I can't wait to see where my blog will be in a year! I hope to post many beautiful and inspiring things on here the coming year.

Much love as always,

Angelique x

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