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Hi guys! Its been a while since I've posted something on here, but I've been up to some exciting things the past few months and I couldn't wait to write it all down in a post and share some pictures with you!

A few months ago, in November of 2018, I went on a road trip with 2 girls, who are now great friends of mine. Daphne is a freelance creative and came up with a plan to organise a shoot for multiple brands (I'm talking like 20+ brands at the same time). She then contacted Lisa, who is a photographer, and together they kind of put the whole trip together. After they got the main plan down, they asked me if I'd like to come along as the """"model""""!

One thing that definitely stuck after the trip, is that each part of our road trip, each place/area we stayed at, totally had its own vibe! I hope that you will be able to feel this through the pictures as well ✨

All the grainy film pictures in this post were taken by me as a keepsake of these memories (and a little peek behind the scenes!), and the high quality ones were part of the shoot and taken by Lisa de Wolf.

Lastly, I'm going to split this post up into two parts! It was originally one giant post, but then realized that it took waaaaaay too long to load. So here is part 1! Part two is linked at the bottom :)

I've known Daphne for about a year now from some of the CLUSE shoots I've done, but I only met Lisa about 4 weeks before going on this road trip together! It might sound like a funny story all put together (and maybe a recipe for disaster), but we quickly learned that we all have the same workflow and the same humor, so everything worked out just fine (it was so much fun!!).

Day 1 - Venice Beach

We started our road trip in Venice Beach. On our first morning we were all up at 3:30am because of the jetlag. We used this as an opportunity to just get ready for the day ahead and organised everything we needed. We were out of our airbnb at around 5:50am and saw the magical sunrise appear!

We first shot around Venice Beach during the early hours (it felt like we had the whole beach to ourselves!) and then headed over to Santa Monica Pier to check it out.

After shooting in the morning, we all hit a little energy dip around 12pm (since we had been up since 3:30am) and we all decided to head back to the airbnb for a little rest and recharge. After getting up and ready again we decided to walk around our surroundings but were confronted with a lot of mist later that afternoon.

**P.S. take note of the disco ball I'm holding. We bought this on the first day at Urban Outfitters and thought that it would be a fun prop to take along for the trip and eventually return, 😅, see if you can spot the disco ball during the rest of the road trip.

Before coming to LA I saw that Matilda (@matildadjerf) was also in LA and asked her until she was going to be there. She said she was going to be in Venice for about another two weeks so we decided to meet up and finally take our friendship offline for the first time! Matilda and I have been sending messages back and forth ever since she visited Aruba about 2 years ago. We had dinner together with her boyfriend Rasmus at Wallflower Venice, it was sooo good and so lovely to finally meet them as well!

Day 2 - Venice Beach/Hollywood

On day two we were out of the house by sunrise again, and decided to explore the actual beach that day. You'd be surprised how cold LA can be in the mornings and at night (you can't tell by my expressions in the pictures tho, haha) (my goosebumps from the cold were also edited out)! Especially since we were so close to the water and because of how windy it was.

Day two was a looong day. After packing up our stuff in Venice, we started heading towards the Melrose District (I told Daphne & Lisa that the only thing I needed to do during this trip was to go to Glossier 💄), after that we would continue on to Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

We had a quick coffee stop at Carrera Cafe and then walked around Melrose Ave to explore the painted colourful walls (and of course made a quick stop at Glossier!).

I picked up some goodies at Glossier ; I got 4 of the cloud paints (in dusk, dawn, puff & beam) and also got boybrow (its actually almost running out and im panicking because i cant live without it anymore and glossier doesn't ship to the Netherlands!!) (glossier if u read this pls ship to the Netherlands).

After this we drove to Hollywood and spent the afternoon touristing around the Walk of Fame.

After exploring Hollywood, we drove to our next airbnb in Hidden Hills. It's crazy to think about it, but just two days after we stayed here is when the LA forest fires started, and they hit this exact region. While we were staying at this airbnb it also caused Johnathan lots of panic, since there was no cell phone reception or wifi - we were completely off grid for a day.

Nonetheless, the airbnb was super cute and cozy, and the view was insane during the day! We had a view of the hills, and it was so tranquil and quiet.

Day 3 - Hollywood/Palm Springs

We packed up our things early in the morning and started our drive towards Palm Springs. We were all super excited for this destination, as we had booked a super cool hotel and heard so many nice things about Palm Springs!

We arrived before noon, which meant that we couldn't check into the hotel yet. However, they did let us take some bags and chill by the pool until check in time!

We grabbed our bikinis, some first outfits to shoot with and headed to the pool!

We were so lucky that we were visiting during low season! It felt like we had the whole hotel and pool to ourselves (which is ideal and way more comfortable when you're shooting! 😅)

After shooting some of the first outfits, we were able to check in and drop our stuff in the hotel room! All the rooms in the hotel have a color as the main theme, our room happened to be orange! This meant that everything was orange ; the room, the bathroom, our balcony, everything! It was pretty funky so we also used this as a fun set to shoot some things.

We spent the rest of the afternoon shooting some outfits around sunset (gotta get that golden hour glow!) and then headed to Taco Tuesday at the hotel's restaurant!

Day 4 - Joshua Tree

Just like the days before, we got up early, packed our bags and were on the road by 7:30am. Today we were headed towards Joshua Tree. This was one of the locations I was most excited about! I've seen so many pictures and video's from there, I just couldn't imagine what it would actually be like to be there!

On our way out of Palm Springs we of course had to take a quick group photo! The composition is a little off because my film camera was positioned on a rock next to the road 😅

On our way to our next airbnb in Joshua Tree, you could see the scenery around us suddenly changing. Between Venice - Beverly Hills - Palm Springs it was mostly mountains and hills, but after a certain point, between Palm Springs and Joshua Tree, there was suddenly a change. Nothing but a flat landscape, filled with those strange prickly trees! It was so cool to see, and the landscape (& temperature!) reminded me a lot of home 🇦🇼

Our airbnb was super cool! We basically just stayed here the whole day and only drove up and down to the nearest supermarket to get some food to cook at night! Its called the Mooncamp, and its a totally off-grid house! Which means that they provide their own electricity (there are giant solar panels next to the house) and the also supply their own water, super cool!

This was the view from our airbnb, I meaaan!

While the sun was starting to set, our surroundings just kept getting more and more surreal! It felt like we were in a movie, or in a painting (maybe both), there were almost no other sounds around us besides the birds chirping or the wind in the trees.

That night we cooked a cozy dinner inside and got some rest at our mooncamp! Our original plan was to have a little BBQ at night and look at the stars... but we quickly learned that it was getting waaay too cold at night to do that! We were happy to be inside, cozying up in our sweaters and socks, talking about how sweaty we were during the afternoon while shooting, hahaha.

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