Spring picks

Today I put together a little post of the things I have been obsessed with recently. Everything has a very fresh & clean spring vibe. I hope you can get some inspiration from this post!

Products in the picture :

  • Turquoise beach bag by Molli Voyage

  • 'Find me an oasis' by Essie

  • 'Alpine Snow' by O.P.I.

  • Silver earbuds by HappyPlugs

  • Blue & green mirror sunglasses from Mango --- I LOVE THESE SUNGLASSES.

  • Silver bracelet from a random little store

In this post I will be featuring Molli Voyage.

They're the brand behind this awesome and innovative beach bag! It's not huge and you probably couldn't fit a whole towel in there, but the purpose of this bag is to put your clothing & belongings in it, flip it over and -voila! You have a cool little pillow to rest your head on while you're at the beach. It's made out of a very durable and thick neoprene fabric and it comes in 6 different vibrant colors. The big zippers also make sure that your little essentials stay clean from any water or sand! 

The meaning behind their name fits their brand perfectly! Molli stands for 'artefact - first of its kind' (noun) and it also means 'to recline or lounge in instances of leisure' (verb). Molli Voyage is based in Australia.

I will definitely be getting lots of use out of this bag while getting my tan on for the summer ;)

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