Spring days in Amsterdam

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Hi guys! I hope you have all been doing well :) Sorry that I haven't updated the blog in a while! This has been because of a few different reasons :

  • I moved to Amsterdam about 9 months ago (getting used to a new country/city takes longer than you think!)

  • I started a new school (which has been going AWESOME! Let me know if you guys would like a separate blogpost about what I'm studying and how it's been until now!)

  • I just moved apartments about 2 months ago (moving is such a hassle)

  • I just started a YouTube channel (say WHAAAT! You can check it out here)

As you can see, I have been very busy, but luckily it has been with a lot of new and exciting fun stuff! I just feel like I don't have enough hours in a day to everything I want to do! I have been so busy learning new things at school, which are all things that I want to experiment with and play around with all day. I have been feeling so pumped up and creative and motivated lately, that my to-do list is way too long...I don't even know where to begin! I started watercoloring! And I have been playing around with hand lettering! And also playing around with the code of my blog!! And learning new video editing skills!!! Life is so wonderful when you are constantly busy doing things that you love and learning things that you are interested in! I feel so incredibly happy at this moment and I know that it's all because of how hard I've been working the past few months to get to this point :)

Living in a new, big and busy city like Amsterdam has definitely helped me to grow so much as a person the past few months. I've gotten to know so many new people and learned to just not give a shit about what everyone thinks (which is something I used to do way too much back home on Aruba).

Also just the whole process of moving to a whole different country on your own (or in my case together with Johnathan), with no parents within an easy reach, and having to learn and deal with everything by yourself for the first time is definitely a big wake up call and slap in the face. I would definitely say that the hardest part about living abroad for me is having to leave behind a big part of my family on Aruba, I especially miss my dad the most. I was home for Christmas in December for about 3 weeks, and during that vacation I taught my dad how to Skype (keep in mind my dad is now 82!). This has been helping us so much and we literally Skype everyday now for about at least 1-1.5 hour.

Headscarf unknown / Jumper Catwalk Junkie / Watch Gucci / Bangle Hermès / Jeans Hollister / Shoes Adidas / Backpack Tony Perotti 

It's getting much much better now, and I honestly feel so at home in Amsterdam right now. It's just as if this city is what's making me so motivated and pushing me to do and learn more! There are so many creative geniuses in this city, it's insane! Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, this city is just full of life and art and I just love it so much! Amsterdam, you've definitely captured my heart.

I guess this was my little update for now! If you guys would like to check out my new YouTube Channel where I vlog weekly (or at least I try to!) and do some other small videos, please feel free to check it out & subscribe right here! I've also linked my latest vlog at the end of this blog post if you'd like to get a little tast of what I do on YouTube!

I've got some cool stuff planned for the blog, vlog and Instagram for the coming few months so stay tuned! ;)

Thanks so much for all your support always.

Angelique x

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