Skincare Routine - January 2019

Welcome to the first official post of 2019!

Hope you are all doing well and had a great start to the year (although January was like a try-out, right?) I'm so excited to work on this blog this year, and I have some things I'd like to update you on- but I'll save that for another post.

For today ; finally my updated skincare routine! What I'm currently using in the morning, at night, in the shower and anywhere in between.

Keep in mind that this is what I'm using at the moment and this is what currently works for my skin (oily/combination). My problem area is always my forehead, I'm not sure why but I think this might have been related to my bangs and also a tiny bit stress related. But all of those things aside, these are the products that have been helping me with my skin and I have been LOVING them! Lets get into the deets!

Step 1.

Ok so actually step 1 is not displayed in the picture, hahaha, but it's a very important step in my skin routine! What I use in the mornings and at night to cleanse my face is the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (for face or face + body). The bottle looks boring (its bright blue, green and white) and it looks like something that would be recommended to you by a doctor, but its my favourite cleanser (I don't think I'm ever going to switch!). I remember that my mom used to use this on her skin since I can remember, it was always a staple on her bathroom shelf, and it works like a charm! Its so gentle you can even open your eyes while washing your face (it won't even burn). I find that this cleans my face really well (I basically use this as a make up remover in the shower) and never leaves my skin feeling dried out.

Step 2.

I bought this bottle about a month and a half ago in Hong Kong. The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence has been on my wish list for about 2 years (it's so pricy so I kept putting it off) but time Johnathan decided to spoil me and got me this as my Christmas present (who knew a girl could get so excited about skincare)!

This stuff is known for being magical (especially in the asian market) for being the ultimate skincare holy grail item for making your skin look uber youthful and glowing.

I've been using it daily for about a month and a half now and have already seen a huge difference in my skin's texture! Its more glowy and even looks firmer (even though I'm only 20- lol). So until it's a double thumbs up from me!

Step 3.

I've had this jade roller for exactly a year now! One of my best friends, Jasmin, got me this for my birthday last year and I've been using it almost everyday since! I can't say that I've seen a significant difference in my skin, but using it makes me feel all fancy and stuff and I do feel like it makes my skin products absorb into my skin quicker.

I always use this in the morning to de-puff my sleepy face and do see a quick difference when I use this under my eyes! Especially in the winter the jade stones get really cold (my bathroom is basically a freezer in the winter) and when the stones are extra cold I do feel like it works best. In the summer I usually place it in my fridge or run the stones under cold water for a few seconds for optimal use.

Step 4.

When I was home for the holidays last month I bought this Vitamin E gel by Aruba Aloë. I originally bought it because I was looking for something to help me heal my burn scar on my chest and I'd heard that anything with vitamin E and aloe works well for scars! After checking the back of the bottle, it mentioned that this could also be used under make-up, as a moisturiser. I have a few tiny scars on my forehead (from popping pimples) so thought this would be a great way to combine moisturising with fading the scars! I. LOVE. THIS. FOR. MY. FACE. This stuff absorbs into your skin, feels nice and fresh, has that amazing Aruba Aloë scent (if you know, you know) and is a very good base for make up. It just seems to smooth out your skin and things like concealer under my eyes don't crease anymore! I love this stuff. And I love that this is produced in Aruba! 💛

Step 5.

Now this step used to be part of my everyday routine, but I've found myself cutting it out recently. I think I've kind of been replacing it with the vitamin E gel. However, I did decide to leave it in because during the extra cold days where my skin is feeling a little bit extra dry I love to reach for it!

This Rosa Arctica Face Cream is super thick and just feels like a good layer of hydration seeping into your skin. I love taking this with me on flights and apply it 1-2 times to keep my skin nice and hydrated!

Step 6.

For my under eyes I like to use this Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado Oil by Kiehls. In the pot it looks like this super creamy, light green cream. But the moment you melt this between your fingers it becomes an oil!

I love this because the consistency allows it to sink into your skin quickly, instead of laying on top of your skin like a thick layer of cream.

Out of my experience this also works pretty well under concealer, just allow it to sink into your skin for a few minutes.

I also like to apply this on top of my eye lids for some extra hydration there as well :)

Step 7.

After applying my (very minimal) make up routine, I love to spray my face with rose water!

In the first picture, you can see that I've transferred the rose water into a spray bottle, for easier use.

I love using rose water as a setting spray, I feel like it just melts my make up together and makes my skin look like skin again! On top of that, it's all natural and smells hella good too. On hot summer days I'll also keep my spray in my bag, as this feels super refreshing to spray on your face on a hot day!

Tip : don't waste your money buying expensive rosewater, the basic natural stuff works exactly the same (maybe even better 😉).

Bed time routine.

Before going to sleep, I'll wash my face with my Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, apply some of my SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and once that has absorbed I'll apply a later of my Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate for an extra layer of moisturising while I sleep.

The scent of this oil is so relaxing at night and I wake up with my skin feeling soft and plump.

Some extra skin care tips :

Keep in mind the order in which you apply your skin care products.

The order you apply them depends on the weight or consistency of the product, for example, the lighter the consistency (such as serums or gels), the earlier you should apply it. By doing this, the lighter product can sink into your skin before applying heavier cremes, which could create a "barrier" on your skin.

When applying skin care, always use upward motions.

I like to start from my jawline, or the centre of my face, and use motions sweeping outwards and up. Be careful not to drag the skin or be too rough! If you were to apply your skin care in a downwards motion, this could pull and stretch the skin downwards, which could eventually contribute to wrinkles and sagginess.

Patting, pushing, rubbing, wiping?

Per product, it's important to think of the most optimal way to apply it, so that you can get the most out of it for your skin!

When using a product like the facial essence, I actually prefer to use a cotton round to dab and press this into my skin. This way I feel like I can push the product into my skin and it will absorb it the best.

When applying my Kiehls night concentrate (which is more of an oil), I like to warm it up by rubbing it between my hands before applying it. Since I am applying it to my entire face (and not just a small, delicate spot), I like to use my entire hand to really rub it into my skin (using upward motions!).

For eye creams I prefer to use my ring finger. This because this area is very delicate, and your ring finger applies the least amount of pressure. It's important to treat your delicate areas very carefully! Also try to avoid stretching the skin around your eyes by dragging or pulling (this also counts when applying make up). Try to mostly pat your finger gently around this area to avoid stretching or damaging the skin.

Your skin is what you eat.

Don't forget, the condition of your skin is not only what you smear on top of it, but a big part of it is what you put into your body. Drinking lots of water, eating less grease, you know the drill. But what has really made a HUGE change in my skin is cutting out (red) meat! Cutting out meat from my daily meals has not only had a big effect on my physique, but also on my skin. I noticed that after cutting out meat, my forehead pimples (aka my problem area) vanished. During the Christmas holidays, I had some (red) meat here and there, and the next days the pimples were back.

Listen to your skin.

Last but not least, try to listen to your skin. When I just started putting my own skin care routine together, it was kind of hard to listen to what my skin needed. But after some time, you'll notice what feels better on your skin and what works for you! I asked for many samples before purchasing many of these products (especially because good skin care can be pricy!) and just took my time to try these out at home. Something that took me a while to try was oils, because I thought "my skin is already oily, why put more oil on it?", but oily skin also needs moisture! My skincare varies per season, sometimes even per week. Just listen to your skin, adjust to its current needs and have fun with it!

Feel free to leave any skin care questions or any special request for the next "Beauty & Skincare" blogpost in the comments! 💌

Much love, as always,

Angelique xx

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