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Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Hi guys! Welcome to a new blogpost, it's been a while but this one's going to be a gooooood one!

With summer around the corner, its time to get your ultimate glow and tan on, and I have just the product that will give you all of that - and more! ☀

In this blogpost I'm going to be telling you guys all about Mulata. Mulata is an all natural body and tanning oil, made in the Caribbean with lots of love by Freedom Beachwear. ♥️ You might remember me talking about it for the first time about a year ago! We were in the Dominican Republic last year together with Freedom Beachwear shooting their new summer campaign when Vivi (the owner of Freedom Beachwear) first showed me this product (back then it was still in the plain tester bottle!). It was the most beautiful gold magical liquid I had ever seen (it literally looks like a melted gold bar). She told me that this has been in the works for about 2 years, because they wanted to make sure it was made in the DR with all natural and no harmful products, and to have their friends and family test it for a long period of time.

Mulata contains quite a bit of benefits - for you as well as for the environment! 🌎💚 To name a few, it nourishes and hydrates the skin, it doesn't contaminate water (no weird chemicals!) 🐬🐠🐢 and it can last more than a year without the use of any preservatives.

Find out what simple ingredients are in Mulata and read more interesting details on the Freedom Beachwear site.

In this blogpost I will be showing you guys my favourite ways to use Mulata - as a tanning oil, make up and even as a moisturizer. Lets get into it!

Mulata as tanning-oil

When we first arrived in the DR (keep in mind I was in Amsterdam all winter long) I was pretty pale. I hadn't had a proper tan in a while and we of course needed to get me as tan as possible for this week of shooting bikinis! During the first two days Vivi applied Mulata all over my body whenever she could since we were in the sun all day long, and I ended up getting the most beautiful glowy tan in no time! At the end of the second day I was already a few shades tanner than I was when I arrived and on the last day I had the best tan I've ever had in my life.

Mulata's main purpose is to be used as a tanning oil. It contains SPF 9, so if you are planning to use it during a long beach day I would definitely recommend using a separate SPF under it to protect your skin from those rays ☀⛱ Since Mulata contains cocoa oil and carrot extract, it gives your skin a nice warm toned glow before any tanning has even happened 😎

Here are some before and after pictures from our shoot in the DR. The first two are from day 1 and the last two are from day 5. And the best part about this tan was that it lasted so long! Because of the special combination of ingredients you get a beautiful tan within your skin instead of a tan that lays on top of the skin 🏝

Mulata as make-up

During the summer shoot, Mulata was also the only product we used for make up. I had packed a little make up bag, expecting to be using this everyday during the shoots, but all we needed was a few touches of Mulata to achieve the perfect look. You can take a look at the lookbook we created to check out the natural make up looks 😉📸

Mulata is has since become a part of my (super quick and simple) everyday make up routine. I like to apply a bit of concealer under my eyes, a touch of blush and bronzer and then I use Mulata for all the finishing touches! Check the gifs below to see how and where I like to apply it.

Dress - Catwalk Junkie Necklace - Lat & Lo Rings - Melano Jewelry

Mulata as moisturizer

As I mentioned earlier, Mulata is very nourishing and hydrating for the skin! During the cold winter months in Amsterdam ❄ I loved using Mulata on my arms and legs right after a shower as a quick punch of hydration for my dry skin 💦🚿

I currently have 4 bottles of Mulata stored away in my bathroom cabinet because I use Mulata every day for many different purposes! I love the way it smells (it takes me back to our memories in the DR) and it just feels so nice on my skin. It keeps the skin on my face and body hydrated, glowy and with a subtle tan and I just can't get enough 🤤💘

This is going to be my holy grail product for years to come, better get your hands on it quick ;)

You can purchase Mulata via Freedom Beachwear's website here & give your skin some extra luvvv this summer! 😙💋

Lots of love, Angelique x

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