Morning in old Oranjestad

Hi guys! 

It's been a while, but here is another post. This one is really inspired by the colors I love to wear not only in the summer, but all year long! My closet pretty much consists out of black, white and other neutrals, but I love to spice things up with pops of color in my accessories! ;)

For this post I worked together with two super awesome brands from two completely different parts of the world ; Woven Palm from Australia & Chila Bags from Colombia!

When I received these items in the mail, I knew immediately where I wanted to shoot these items! The old part of Oranjestad ; it's filled with happy energy, houses that are painted with the brightest colors and plants EVERYWHERE!

Woven Palm is owned by Kim, who is the designer and the maker of these beautiful and luxurious slides! She explained to me that each pair takes around 4 hours to construct. Before she started this brand she was a working mom, who only wore Havaianas, Converse or just went bare feet. She wanted to create a slide that was both luxurious & casual enough to either slip on to the shops, to the beach or even out to dinner and that is how Woven Palm was born!

These slides are so versatile and I have caught myself wearing them everywhere ever since I received them in the mail! I have worn them out to dinner, to the supermarket, to dance practice and even on a night out! They add the nicest touch to any outfit and I will definitely be wearing them for a long long time.

For Chila Bags, I exchanged lots of emails with a kind lady called Andrea. She was always super sweet and helpful, and also explained to me how Chila Bags started and what the brand stands for.

"Chila Bags started in 2013, after a trip to La Guajira in Colombia. Not only was the scenery and region absolutely beautiful, it is also home to some of the most beautiful hand made goods in the world! Our founder, Laura, knew that she had to share these beautiful national treasures with the rest of the world."

The bags are made by the women of the Wayuu tribe in Colombia, which is an indigenous tribe located in a beautiful region called La Guajira, in the very north of Colombia, along the Caribbean coast.

Chila Bags believes in 100% honoring and protecting the Wayuu tradition, as well as promoting fair trade and sustainable products. They stand for sharing the beauty in diversity of Colombia, femininity (girls rule the world ;)!) and if you're going to rule the world, you might as well look good doing it!

They do not believe in mass producing Wayuu bags through factory production, nor do they tolerate or promote unfair treatment of the women and weavers who work so hard to make these by hand. Their bags are 100% hand made and hand woven, using techniques passed down through generations and generations of women.

I was very interested in knowing if the brand gave the Wayuu tribe anything in return & if they benefit from working with Chila Bags. Andrea was very kind to tell me that they work exclusively with a group of the Wayuu women to ensure that each bag is hand woven, respecting tradition and culture of the women. By working directly with the women, they have cut out the middle men so that each woman is paid fairly and have exceptional working conditions.

Oh and by the way, The Wayuu tribe is a matriarchal society! So women are the primary source of income for the community/village! Talk about GIRL POWER! ♥

Hat by Chila Bags Bag by Chila Bags Top by Hollister Jeans by Zara Sandals/Slides by Woven Palm Ring by BeBold

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