LUNCH SPOTS : Bar Botanique

Hi guys! Welcome to my second post in my 'Amsterdam Lunch Series'! Today's lunch spot was Bar Botanique in Amsterdam - Oost.

Bar Botanique is like a hidden gem in Oost, I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked in! It's literally like a tropical jungle in such a busy and plain part of the city, it's soooo amazing and also very Instagram friendly!

I ordered the BLTCA on brown bread (bacon, lettuce, tomato, smoked chicken, avocado and mayo) and my friend Jasmin had the citrus & hummus sandwich with zucchini, almonds and avocado! After that we shared a white chocolate cheese cake and we both had a cappuccino!


Rating : 10/10, the place is so cute, staff was very friendly and the food was sooo good and very decently priced (for a student!!) !

Favorite dish : BLTCA sandwich

Adress : Eerste van Swindenstraat 581, 1093 LC Amsterdam (check out their website, it's super cute! You can also find their menu on there ;) )

I hope that you guys enjoyed the second post in this new series! Let me know what you think of this spot and if you have any recommendations please feel free to leave them down below! Also if you have any spots that you would like me to test out for you, just let me know :)

See you in the next post!

Much love as always, Angelique x

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