Hong Kong - Photo Diary

This past December I visited my family Hong Kong. The last time I was there and saw them was in 2009 (that's around 8/9 years ago!) I was so excited to see my family and wanted to capture as many moments as I could :)

All the photos taken on this trip were taken by me with this camera (see photo below). Johnathan and I have shot with many disposable cameras, but since we used them so often it was kind of a waste of money for us, so we decided to invest in a really nice film camera! We bought a Contax T2 second hand (it was pretty much unused, in perfect condition!) and we are so incredibly happy with it :)

Leaving snowy Amsterdam.

I arrived Hong Kong at around 8 am. We didn’t really do much the first day besides eat some lunch at my grandma’s house and go out at night for a little drive and walk to see the Hong Kong skyline at night.

My grandma’s apartment is also super easy to spot. She’s the only one that has so many plants and red lanterns on her balcony!

I started my second day with my aunt and uncle. We went down to the market in the morning to grab some fresh bread and some flowers for my oma!

We also found some Longyan fruit at the market! I had never tried this before so I was really curious to taste it.

On my first full day in Hong Kong we visited Tai Po and went for a bike ride with the family! The scenery was very nice and there were lots of people biking, jogging and flying their kites.

After this we got some ice cream and then headed home.

On the third day we visited the giant Tian Tan Buddha statue on Lantau Island & the Tai O fishers village.

But first, noodles!

I first visited the Tian Tan buddha when I was around 4 years old. I remember coming back once again, but was too young to really remember anything. I was so excited to visit the buddha again during my trip!

After coming back down from the buddha, we visited the Po Lin Monastery and lighted some incense. My family likes to take a few minutes to make a few wishes and prayers (for the coming year) while burning the incense.

After leaving the Po Lin Monastery, we continued on to the Tai O fishers village. I’ve never been here before, but was so amazed by it! We arrived around 4:30pm and it was a pity that we didn’t have a lot of day light left, I would really want to visit this place again.

A specialty in this village is dried fish ; ALL kinds of it! They had dried squid, dried puffer fish and even 1 giant dried shark!

During our walk around Tai O we got one egg waffle to share! There were so many people lined up for this one man to make them egg waffles, that at one point he had to start telling people he was closing soon.

Once the sun had set, we started heading back to my grandma’s apartment. After we had dinner, my cousin took my aunt, uncle and I on a walk through the city to see a little bit of Hong Kong’s night life.

On the third day we visited the Flower Market with my grandparents. We picked up some flowers to bring to my mama at the temple later that day.

Yuen Yuen institute.

When my mom passed away in December of 2008, my grandparents weren’t able to make it to Aruba for the funeral.

After my moms passing they placed a tile for her (2348) in one of the temples where they can regularly visit to bring flowers.

The Yuen Yuen institute is a very tranquil place and it was a beautiful day.

After visiting the institute, we rushed back home to drop my grandparents off. My aunt, uncle and I took a taxi and headed to the Victoria Peak to watch the sunset.

My grandma preparing dinner and the flowers I got her a few days before.

During my last day in Hong Kong I visited Apliu Street. This is a giant flea market for electronics. You can find anything here from tiny electrical parts, different remotes for anything you might need, vintage camera’s and antique watches.

Before heading home we got some fresh veggies and berries for our early Christmas celebration!

On my last night in Hong Kong we had an early Christmas celebration, since I wouldn’t be in Hong Kong during Christmas. We all got each other presents and had lots of yummy food!! We also had ice cream afterwards with some of the fresh berries we picked up earlier.

The next day I flew back to Amsterdam. I don’t really have any pictures of the last night and day, because I was spending all my time with my grandparents. My grandpa wrote me a poem in Cantonese with his fancy brush pen and my grandma taught me (basic) knitting (which I couldn’t even do).

I planned this trip kind of last minute, but I couldn’t be happier to have finally visited my grandparents after 8 years! I am so grateful to still have them, happy & healthy, and I’m already looking forward to my next visit.

Opa & Oma, I love you.

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