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Hey babes & welcome to the third and final part of the "behind the scenes" series of the newest Freedom Beachwear look book "La Perla del Caribe" 

Just in case you haven't seen the newest look book yet...

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And just in case you haven't seen the vlog of day 5 & 6 yet...

You can click here to view the vlog!


As you mat have read in the blogpost before this one, we arrived to The Dominican Treehouse Village late in the afternoon of day 4. After working a bit on the beach that afternoon, we headed back to the treehouses and got ready for dinner.

The dinner that night was set up as a buffet where all the guests could just scoop as much as they wanted and could sit wherever they desired. We had dinner together with Vivi & David, the owners of Freedom Beachwear, and we ended up talking about how crazy it actually was that we were actually sitting here having dinner with them! ❤

We met two years ago through Instagram, I approached them for a simple collaboration where we would exchange a bikini set for a few Instagram posts. That went so well and Vivi and I always had so much fun talking through email that it just kind of kept going for a while!

Last year (2016) Vivi emailed me two days after my 18th birthday, asking if Johnathan and I would be interested in shooting their lookbook for their summer collection!! (check out this blog post to read more about the previous lookbook in detail!) We were so in shock but so extremely excited, that we started planning every single detail of that shoot almost immediately! We had many Skype calls with Vivi and David, called them every now and then, and ever since that lookbook our friendship had just been growing and growing!

Then in late January of 2017, Vivi & David contacted us again, and asked if we would want to trip around the DR with them. I showed Johnathan the message and both of our jaws dropped!! We've always wanted to go to the DR and being able to do this with locals is of course 1000000% better! We were also very excited to finally be able to meet Vivi and David in person! ❤

We quickly discussed this with both of our parents (since we would be going during our summer vacation on Aruba) and both of our parents were so excited and immediately gave us the green light to go!

What's so crazy is that all of this happened because of the internet. Isn't that insane?! The internet is such a weird but incredible place and platform and I couldn't be more grateful to have met Vivi & David through it!

Okay, back to day 5!

After eating breakfast in the morning, Johnathan and I walked around the Treehouse Village to scout locations for the shoot that morning. We shot the pictures in the blue crochet bikini and then packed up our stuff to go to the next house!

One of the last places we stayed at was Casa Colibri in Las Terrenas. We picked up some pizza on our way here and unpacked all of our stuff as soon as we got here. This was such a cute and colourful house and had a huuuge garden!

After unpacking our stuff, we got ready to go on a hike to El Salto del Limon waterfall. This hike was SO BEAUTIFUL!! It was literally like something out of a movie (just like everything else on this trip) and it was literally mountains and fields with millions of palm trees with at the end a beautiful giant waterfall!! It was so surreal ? Check out the vlog to see what I'm talking about ;) !

After getting to the waterfall, we swam around in it for a while (it was so cold!), enjoyed the view and the nature around us and then started the hike back to the car.

That night Johnathan and I offered to make pasta for the group (as they had been cooking for us all week) and we just talked the night away around our colourful dining table on the patio outside.


Day 6 was our last full day in the DR. 

We packed up all our stuff once again (we had been packing/unpacking every single day ?) and headed to La Vega.

La Vega is Vivi & David's home town and is also where the Freedom HQ is based! We had a lovely lunch at David's family house (his mom cooked a giant lunch for us and she was so incredibly sweet and welcoming!! Shout out to David's mom ???) and then they showed us a bit around La Vega.

It's such a cute little town, with such friendly people and beautiful roads! Vivi & David brought us to this church that was kind of on top of a hill, where you could have such an insane view of the city and even see Santiago far far away!

After this, they took us to the Freedom HQ. I was sooo super excited about this!! It might not seem like much, but I'm always so interested in how everything actually works and is put together, and really seeing the behind the scenes of Freedom Beachwear.

They showed us how they answer all their emails, what Vivi's drawing table looks like, all the measuring tapes and even how they get the Freedom logo on all of their bikinis! There are so many little details that go in to even one single bikini, it's insane!

They also had this super cute roll of paper where they write down little things or deadlines that are coming up, and they even had us written on there! So cuteee!!

After leaving the Freedom Beachwear office they brought us to Vivi's family house. Johnathan and I would spend the night here, together with Vivi, before heading to the airport the next morning.

After everyone had finally taken a good shower, we all got dressed up really nice for a night out of drinkssss! Of course we had to celebrate how INSANE! the past week was . We drove to Santiago and went to this really cute restaurant/bar called Dao al Pecao and probably had one too many rounds of drinks hahaha... it was kind of weird but also so nice to see everyone dressed up so clean and in dresses all of the sudden, since we had been driving around the entire week in beach clothes & towels.

We made a toast and everyone just cheered to how fun the past week was and how grateful we all were to experience all of this magic together. We felt so much love that night and we all agreed that we needed at least one more week together ❤

The next morning we had to be out of bed by 5am, because we still had quite a long drive to go before getting to the airport and getting on our flight back to Aruba which was at 10am!

A million million million times THANK YOU!!! to Vivi & David and all of the other magical people I have met on this trip. Victor, Carolina, Briley, I have met some of the kindest people on this trip and I am so grateful for all of this.❤ ❤ ❤

This trip definitely put a lot of different things into perspective for me, such as what do I really enjoy, what do I really want to achieve, and what is the life I finally want to have? Being on an island is so timeless, you really live every single second on its own and there's nothing more I enjoy than being in a bikini, flowy clothing, having my hair up in a bun and being covered in sea salt all day and having sandy feet. That is definitely something I realised after moving to Amsterdam and especially after going to the DR and coming back to Amsterdam.

I have so so so much love for this trip and it's definitely one I will hold close to my heart forever. ❤

I can't wait to see where we'll go next... who knows ? stay posted!

Lots of love as always!! ❤

Angelique xx

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