Updated: Sep 5, 2018

BABES! ? The moment we have been waiting for has finally arrived!

I'm so incredibly proud and happy to announce that the newest Freedom Beachwear collection & look book "La Perla del Caribe" has finally launched!

I can't even begin to explain how grateful I am for this opportunity and I really want to start this blogpost off by giving the biggest THANK YOU! ever to Vivi & David, the owners of Freedom Beachwear! Thank you guys so much for one of the best weeks of my life, this week was so magical and I have definitely seen and experienced some of the most beautiful moments in my life during this week. It was so amazing to meet you guys, even though we all already felt like we had met before. We have definitely become friends for life and I can't wait to see where our next trip will be... ;)

You can click here to view the entire look book.

I wanted to make a blogpost to tell you guys more about our trip in details, just in case anyone might be interested in visiting any of the locations we went to! And also to share some behind the scenes stories and adventures :)

A few things you should know before we start :

  • We spent almost the entire trip in Samaná, which is in the north-eastern part of the Dominican Republic

  • We used  4 different camera's to document all aspects of this trip : iPhone, vlog camera, disposable camera & polaroids were almost all taken by me (and some by Johnathan)

  • The high quality pictures in this blogpost were taken by Johnathan (my boyfriend/soulmate/best photographer ever)

I can't wait to tell you all about this trip, so let's get into it!


After we arrived at the airport in Santo Domingo, Vivi & David (together with Carolina and Victor, David's brother & sister!) picked us up at the airport. It was around 7pm and already dark (because our flight had a delay) and we still had about a 3 hour car ride to go to get all the way to Samaná!

The first two nights we stayed at an incredible AirBnb called Casa Chalet Tropical (click on the link to check it out!). Their breakfast was incredible and the house was so beautiful! You can check out a mini house tour in my DR Vlog part 1 ;)

Vivi and Caro helped me to get ready in the morning by adding tiny braids in my hair & by rubbing the golden tanning oil all over my body!

After breakfast, we got in the car and drove to a beach where we would hop on a boat to get to Playa Frontón. I was finally able to get a glimpse of what Samana looked like, since we arrived the day before at night.

I couldn't have imagined a better start to our trip in Samana. We started our first day by hopping in a boat to get to Playa Frontón in Las Galeras. I swear to you, I have never seen anything more beautiful in my whole life. And its going to take A LOT to top this location. The boat ride took about 10 minutes and only once you get past the last curve you can actually see the view of the beach. This is going to sound so cheesy and dramatic, but I got tears in my eyes as we started seeing the view for the first time and was literally speechless. Vivi & David asked me "so, what do you think so far?!" and I literally had no words. (The next two pics are unedited pictures I took with my iPhone).

The best way I can describe this view, was that it was like something straight out of the Jurassic Park movie. But probably even better.

Once we arrived, we hopped off the boat and walked the last few steps through the water onto the beach. We arrived on the "main beach" and decided to walk more towards the left to explore more parts of the beach. We came across two other beaches that were completely empty and decided to shoot & chill here for the rest of the afternoon.

After arriving at the quiet beach I actually ended up falling asleep and taking a nap for about an hour an a half- the perfect first day.

Later that day Vivi contacted this guy called Maelito that actually cooked lunch for us at a little "open air" mini private restaurant/grill/bbq kinda thing. Talk about lunch with a view!

After a long day of hanging around, swimming & taking some naps on the beach, it was time to head back to our Airbnb and get some rest for day 2!


The plan for day 2 was to hike to Playa Madama and spend the rest of the day here. At night, we would pack up our stuff at the Casa Chalet Tropical and head to our camping site.

The hike to playa Madama took about 25-30 minutes and was absolutely beautiful! You walk past many banana tree plantations and at most parts the path is quite narrow. It's not a hard hike at all, but we started our hike at around 12 pm, so once we got to the beach I couldn't be happier to take a quick dip in the water!

At the end of the afternoon, we headed back to Casa Chalet Tropical, packed up our stuff and started heading towards our camping spotPlaya Rincón!

On our way to our camping spot we stopped by a frutera to get some fresh fruit & veggies for our camping trip. During this whole trip we pretty much ate vegan/vegetarian because the whole Freedom team is vegan/vegetarian and it felt so good! Johnathan and I definitely had a diet switch up after this trip and we couldn't be happier.

Once we arrived to Playa Rincon it was already dark, so we had to use the headlights of Davids car to set up our tents. After all the tents were set up and the airbeds were blown up, we laid down all of our towels next to each other on the beach and looked up at the stars. We were the only ones here and there were no other people or houses nearby. It was so quiet and all you could hear were the waves crashing on the shore and the sounds of nature surrounding us.

I'm pretty sure we laid here for about an hour, at least. Some of us even fell asleep now and then, but overall this was one of the most beautiful and calm nights I've had in my life. We were all so comfortable with each other after just meeting 2 days earlier, we were all in our pj's and we would get so excited whenever we saw a shooting star! I think we saw at least about 20 shooting stars in that one hour.

This is the last photo of our second day, and even though it's blurry, I think it's one of the most beautiful shots from our trip and one that definitely holds a very beautiful memory to me.

This was it for day 1 & 2! I'll be uploading the next blogpost over the next couple of days. I can't wait to share more of this trip with you!

If you would like to see the vlog from the first two days you can click here and if you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them in the section down below!

Hope you enjoyed getting a little sneak peek into the behind the scenes of our trip. I'll see you in the next post ;)

Lots of love as always,

Angelique xx

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