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In my last skincare update, I showed you the products I was using at the time. However, many of those products were almost reaching their last pump or drop. I was already searching for some new skincare goodies to try out! Don't get me wrong, I've been religiously using the Kiehls combo for over a year and have loved what it has done for my skin. Buuuuut, I was curious to try something new. I started looking into clean and ethical skincare, which turned out to be a little harder than I expected.

On my checklist were the following points:

1. Clean skincare (no weird ingredients on the labels that I didn't understand in normal human language)

2. Eco-friendly packaging (think of glass containers and reusable bottles or jars!)

3. Vegan and cruelty free (because testing on animals is NOT OK! And vegan usually means the use of natural and non-toxic ingredients = your skin will love you)


They sent me a few products to try out and it has been my pleasure to use them for the past month :) I tried out their Organic Facial Oil (which I am definitely planning on purchasing for myself), the Green Clay Face Mask and the Organic Lip Balm.

My favourite product by far has been the Organic Facial Oil! My skin did not break out during the entire period that I was testing this oil, and I can tell that the texture of my skin has become more supple and very soft! It smells so good and leaves you with a nice glow in the morning. This is something that will definitely be staying in my skin routine for now! I can't wait to purchase the bigger version and maybe even try out their Organic Body Oil.

Secondly the Green Clay Face Mask. This mask is so unique to me because you receive it in a powder form. If you love the smell of matcha (which I definitely do) you are going to love this! On the packaging it says to mix a bit of the powder with some water, but Sarah (yes, THE SARAH aka owner) sent a cute card along with the package where she recommended to blend the mask with honey! I found that this works much better because it makes it more of a paste, whereas mixing it with water leaves you with a runny texture. And you of course get the extra benefits of honey for your skin ;)

Last but most definitely not least, is the Organic Lip Balm. This lip balm leaves my lips feeling soft for quite a while. I love applying this in the morning before running out the door, but even more at night. After a good shower and my skin care routine, I apply a thicker layer to my lips to it can really hydrate them while I sleep. However, since the base of this lip balm is coconut oil, I do notice that during warmer days the balm melts quite a bit. Need to wait and see how this will continue into the summer, if not I will just pop it into my fridge! :)

All in all, I am so happy that I discovered By Sarah London Skincare. It was exactly what I was looking for in a skincare brand (and more)! I feel so good when I use these products, not only because of the effects they have on my skin but mostly because I know what goes on behind the scenes. I can fully enjoy these products knowing that every step in the process was done in the most clean, natural and ethical way possible.

Thank you to Sarah from By Sarah London Skincare for giving me the chance to try these products out! Let me know if you decide to try any and if you have questions feel free to reach out in the comments or DM on Instagram :)

Until next time!

Lots of love,


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