BOTW : Just another day in paradise

Hey guys!

This week's BOTW (Bikini of the Week) is by VamaStyle.

This bikini is part of their SS2016 collection called 'Saltwash'. I love the style of the bikini top! I think this halterneck style would flatter any body shape. This icy blue color also makes you look more tan than you are, which is always a plus ;) It's very comfortable and you feel like you can do anything in it without being restricted!

In a few posts back, "Weekend at Casa Alistaire", I also featured one of their rompers from their newest collection. The quality of both their swimsuits and clothing is incredible! Super soft and you can just feel that it is high quality. A signature to this collection are the white tassels, which are at the neck ties of the bikini and also at the waist ties on the romper.

I am in love with the boho and down-to-earthy feeling of this collection. I highly recommend you guys check them out!

Bikini by Vamastyle

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