BOTW : Crystal Clear

What better place to start your week than at the beach!

Johnathan and I couldn't have picked a better day to come to Tres Trapi because the sun was shining so bright, it made the water look like a blue crystal dream (and also gave me a really nice tan ;) ).

Tres Trapi is such a beautiful place to come swim and snorkel. It is so surreal in real life. I bet you there is no other place in the world that looks as beautiful as this.

At Tres Trapi there are a bunch of little fishies and there's even a spot where the ocean floor is filled with starfishes!

Today's BOTW (Bikini of the Week) is by Lychee Swimwear

This bikini is a little out of my comfort zone and not something I would usually pick out myself, because of how insanely cheeky it is and because of the neon pink color. This bikini really brings out the ultimate white girl in me and I love it.

The bikini has cute little neon green and orange braided details on the sides of the bottoms and the back of the top.

That's all for today x

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