Bonaire Getaway

Johnathan and I just got back from our trip in Bonaire yesterday. We had so much fun and so many amazing experiences. I can't wait to share these pictures with you!

We're moving Amsterdam in about 2 weeks to continue our studies, and we knew for quite a while that we wanted to take a little trip in the area before making the big move to Europe. Bonaire is part of the ABC - Islands ; Aruba, Bonaire & Curaçao. There is only one airline company that flies from Aruba to Bonaire, but has to make a stop in Curaçao. In total it takes about 30 minutes to get from Aruba to Bonaire.

Not being divers, we were kinda nervous about planning this trip since Bonaire is like any divers heaven! But after lots of research on the interwebz and talking to friends that have lived in and visited Bonaire often, we were so excited to go on this trip. So if you're not a diver, but still want to check out Bonaire, keep on reading to learn about all the awesome things Bonaire has to offer! ;) 

We arrived on Monday at around 8:30 pm, after 4 hours of delay in Curaçao :( . When we arrived we were picked up by our AirBnb host Roberto (he's from Italy!). He was super kind and brought us to the apartment we were going to stay in. He gave us some tips on where to go (and where not to go) and also just told us a bit about the island.

For example : on Aruba we are used to only seeing Donkey's on the very south coast of the island. Nobody really lives close to where the donkey's roam around. On the contrary. in Bonaire the donkeys just walk around EVERYWHERE! We saw a few in the streets where people lived, next to the road, and even close to the gas stations. It was so weird but so cool at the same time!! (P.s. notice the picture of the road sign further in this post)


On Tuesday we went on the Woodwind Snorkel Tour. We were picked up at our apartment and brought to the Woodwind dock. The staff on board was super friendly and very informative. They offered us all the gear we needed, including wetsuits! It was a pretty cold day (for the caribbean ;) ) and it was raining. It cleared up after a while and then we headed on the trip. The boat sailed around Klein Bonaire, which is a tiny uninhabited island off the west coast of Bonaire. We made three stops where we snorkeled and saw many different species of fish, coral and plants. (Thanks Daniela for recommending us to go on this tour!)

The snorkel tour guides swam along with us, pointed out fish and coral, and then came up to the surface to explain what we had just seen underwater. At each stop we saw at least 2 turtles!!!!!!!!!!! It was so amazing to see them. I was so excited. So so so excited. 

(All the photo's from the Woodwind Snorkel Tour shown above were taken by Athoyo)

On Wednesday we drove around the whole day and visited the Slave Huts, Sorobon beach for lunch, Queen's Highway, Rincon & Gotomeer.

White Slave Huts

The original slave huts were built in the 1850's and served as huts for the slaves working in the salt ponds, salt being one of Bonaire's most important export products during the slavery time and even until today. The huts you see on the pictures below have been restored, with the traditional roofs replaced by a more durable plywood. You can find these huts near the Salt Flats.

Queen's Highway

Queen's Highway is a pretty narrow road that is right along the northwest coast of Bonaire. There are stunning views along the whole road, high rocky mountains on your right and the beautiful blue ocean on your left. There are lots of dive spots on this road! Just look for the yellow stones with the names of the locations on them :)


Rincon is a very peaceful old town. We were told that after the end of slavery in 1863 many of the slaves stayed in Rincon, which is why a big part of the current residents are descendants of the slaves. The atmosphere in Rincon is very relaxed and quiet, it felt like a Sunday on a Wednesday! We barely saw people on the roads. Besides some kids & cars, the streets are also populated  by donkeys and goats! We walked around for a bit and had some drinks in a little bar nearby. 

Johnathan especially wanted to visit Rincon because of the STUNNING (!!!!!) photo's that were taken here for the May issue of Vogue Nederland with Romee Strijd in Bonaire. Can we just take a moment for that STUNNING ISSUE *cries*.


While taking the scenic route from Rincon back to Kralendijk we came across Gotomeer. Gotomeer is a lagoon located on the northern end of the island in the Washington National Park and is a total flamingo hangout! This is definitely one of the most picturesque places on the island with a giant lake, hundreds of flamingo's and the mountains in the background. The picture shown below does not do the view justice, it was like I was looking at a giant, living piece of art. (P.s. check out our beachmobile for the trip parked below, Ferozaaahhhhh!)

On Wednesday night we had a bbq back at the apartment - no pictures because our hands were dirty from the food :P

On Thursday we visited Seru Largu and 1000 steps.

Watch out! Crossing donkeys!

Seru Largu

Seru Largu is a great lookout point where you can see the capital city of Kralendijk from the top and also the little island of Klein Bonaire. There is a monument at the site which reads "Kristu, Ayera Awe Semper" in Papiamento, which means "Christ, Yesterday Today and Forever". 

1000 Steps

We decided to take another drive along the Queen's Highway and made a stop at 1000 Steps. It being one of Bonaire's most famous beaches and dive spots, we knew we had to make a stop here. I hate to break it to ya, but it's not actually 1000 steps to get down to the beach, it's only around 67 steps. Buuuuut! When you're climbing back up after a sunny day on this beach, it might feel like a thousand. Trust me.

Before we even went down the stairs made of limestone, I was already speechless. You can check out the view on the next picture!

 Once we got down to the beach we went for a little snorkel session and even saw a turtle here! While we were getting out of the water afterwards, I had already taken off my goggles and Johnathan later told me that I almost stepped on a big eel. This is why I love him. He knows that I would have freaked out and probably pass out if I had seen it. Now boiz, this is true love.

Some Bonaire essentials that I took with me everywhere during this trip! Sandals by Woven Palm Bag by Chila Bags

The last night of our stay in Bonaire our apartment was already booked by other people, so we decided to treat ourselves and stay in a nice hotel for the last night. It was a gorgeous hotel on the water and right opposite the airport.

Bonaire, you were even better than we could have ever imagined.

We didn't know what to expect before going to Bonaire, but this was definitely a trip that I will never forget.

In many aspects, it reminded me of Aruba. It felt just like home there.

Everywhere you go it's so so peaceful and you just feel very safe wherever you go. But! If you thought Aruba was friendly, wait till you go to Bonaire!

Bonaire pays a lot of attention to its nature and marine life, and also puts in lots of effort to protect it for the future and for the animals living in Bonaire. Definitely something that the rest of the world could learn from them!

Bonaire, we already miss you. And we will definitely be back.

Angelique x

P.s. Keep on reading to see more details on the places we stayed at, visited and my outfits! X

AirBnb - SeaDonkey Lodge by Erida & Roberto

Summer Dreams Ocean Club (Hotel)

Restaurants :

  1. La Cantina

  2. It Rains Fishes

  3. Sorobon beach bar

  4. Kite City

  5. Capriccio

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