Aruba - Photo Diary

Visiting Aruba for Christmas and New Years is all about family time, so whenever Johnathan and I got some time alone together we snapped some pics here and there.

This is a little mash up of pictures we took during our Christmas break (December 2017). Taken with our Contax T2.

Home sweet home.

Being home for Christmas break means I get to act like a tourist on my own island for a sec.

Boca Catalina.

MOOD while being on Arubaaaaaa

Magical sunset at Boca Catalina


My oldest cat Mimi (14? or 15 years old? She also doesn't have any teeth left).

Waiting for the yummiest Local Store burger liiiiiike...

"Hey babe! What's up? Come on in" 

Going to watch the first sunrise of 2018 at the beach

See you soon, Aruba

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