La Perla del Caribe - Day 5 & 6

Freedom Beachwear Lookbook - Behind the scenes

The behind the scenes series is almost coming to an end… Here is the third and final part of the Freedom Beachwear lookbook “La Perla del Caribe”! We had so much fun during our last to days with the team, it was so hard to leave! Click on the link below to read about our last little adventures…

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La Perla del Caribe - Day 3 & 4

Freedom Beachwear Lookbook - Behind the scenes

After the launch of La Perla del Caribe yesterday, we have already gotten so much love from you guys! I can’t wait to take you on more behind the scenes stories from this trip and show you even more of what went on behind this look book!

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La Perla del Caribe - Day 1 & 2

Freedom Beachwear Lookbook - Behind the scenes

This past summer we travelled to the Dominican Republic to meet up with the Freedom Beachwear team. We explored and adventured around the island and made so many incredible memories! Oh, and we also shot a look book for their newest collection… Click on the link below to read part 1 of behind the scenes!

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Los Feliz Restaurant & Exciting Update!

Restaurant Review & Update

My summer vacation has officially started ; and that means a lot of exciting stuff is on the way! What better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than some cold cocktails! Click on the link below to get a sneak peek of what’s to come!

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Bar Botanique

Amsterdam Lunch Spots Series - Nr.2

The warm summer sun has finally hit the city and that means more exploring and of course more yummy lunch spots! In the second post of my Amsterdam Lunch Spots Series I take you along with me to Bar Botanique in Oost.

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Pluk Amsterdam

Amsterdam Lunch Spots Series - Nr.1

Welcome to the first post in my new Amsterdam Lunch Spots Series! In this series I would like to show you my favourite places to lunch (& snack!) in Amsterdam. This series will start off with spots that I have discovered the past few months since I moved here almost a year ago and hopefully grow each month with new places that I discover!

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Spring days in Amsterdam

City in bloom

Last Sunday was a beautiful spring day in Amsterdam! A lot has changed since I last posted on here, so I thought I would give you guys a little update on what’s going on (and what’s to come!).

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Island Girl stranded in a big city

During our last week on Aruba and our first few days in Holland we decided to take some pictures on a disposable Kodak film camera. Here is a little photo diary of our transition from the island to city life.

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La Isla Bonita : Freedom Beachwear takes Aruba

A Caribbean Collaboration

This lookbook has been something that has been in the works for many months. We have exchanged many emails, had several Skype meetings, and slowly we have created this collection look book together. We would like to present to you : La Isla Bonita ; life in the caribbean, life on Aruba.

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Bonaire Getaway

A hidden gem in the caribbean

Not being divers, we were kinda nervous about planning this trip since Bonaire is like any divers heaven! But after lots of research on the internet and talking to friends that have lived in and visited Bonaire often, we were so excited to go on this trip. So if you’re not a diver, but still want to check out Bonaire, keep on reading to learn about all the awesome things Bonaire has to offer! ?

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